Getting to know me

    “Wow, I’ve been tagged!!”

Me too! Except I only know because I was reading Jenn’s blog and she said tagged me and wants to get to know me. That’s the encouragement I love.

    Favorite person (outside family)? My best friend from HS. These many years later, she listens the BEST

    Favorite food? Oh there’s so many. Home grown is best.

    Quirks about you? I tend to ‘telegraph speak’, just blurt out a few words and expect others to automatically get the subtext. Or else I’ll just choose a song to explain a mood or situation. It’s expecting others to really listen to me, even past the words sometimes.

    How would the person who loves you most describe you in ten words or less? Loving, willing and flexible with good humor

    Any regrets in life? Every time I contract for other people’s approval instead of expanding into who I am. It still happens but I’m watching it and learning to switch out quicker.

    Favorite Charity/ Cause? My ‘church’. I tithe and volunteer 3-5 days a month

    Favorite Blog recently? Joy’s Division is the one I check every day, because she’s my daughter. My other favorite is hard to pick, but I’ll say Nicole’s Paragraphein.

    Something you can’t get enough of? Dark Chocolate

    Worst job you’ve ever had? Oh that would be piece work for the Catalina Swimwear Co. I thought I would go crazy fast. But I quit fast instead.

    What job would you pay NOT to have? Combat.

    Favorite Bible verse right now? Luke 17:21 “nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.”

    Guilty Pleasure? Nope. I just want to have fun.
    Got any confessions? I’ve been procrastinating about redirecting my blog. The first purpose, of uncovering my emotions and explaining how I came to this place, is served. There is more to share.

    If you HAD to spend $1,000 on YOURSELF, how would you spend it? dance classes

    Favorite thing about your house? The location and the yard I love to watch my garden grow.

    Least favorite thing about your house? The rooms are tiny and I want to have people over and dance.’re good at? Being diplomatic. (Maybe I should run for office!!)

    If you could change something about your circumstances, what? I All three of my kids would have bullet trains between where they live and where I live.

    Who would you like to meet someday? IDK. I’m stumped.

    What makes you feel sexy? love and honesty.

    Who is your real life hero? Both my daughters have demonstrated courage and tenacity that I am grateful for.

    Do you agree or disagree with the recent article that reported that blogs are authored by narcissists? I haven’t read the article. It sounds silly.

    Why do you blog? To discover what I have to say and to share with others that may be going through similar experiences.

    Who are you tagging? YOU

    Anyone that wants to play.


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