I am all aquiver, planning a trip with both daughters, planning a physical adventure I’m not sure I can pull off. I’ve been ‘training’ a little. Not enough. That’s one of the things I’m learning just now. I want to hike this tremendous mountain, but I haven’t set aside the time to train, get in shape, so that I can. Physical training takes TIME. It takes my attention. Everything that I want to do takes time and attention.

Blogging takes time and attention. I am astounded at some of the blogger heroes around. They must have secret techniques for notifying themselves of new blog posts. And they must be speed readers.

Anyway, we three are going to the mountains together! I’m looking up rest stops and directions and making packing lists and figuring out how to meet up with each other and oboyoboyoboyoboy I’m excited. I’m not leaving for three more days. There are still 3 more days of ‘normal’ life ahead.

Well I’m thinking of writing more often. Not every day for a month like NaBlPomo or whatever. Maybe every week for 6 months. I can do that, for me. Just write. Great goal when I know I can’t do it next week. Unless I do it before I leave! So close. Oh, that feels similar to planning to hike this tremendous mountain and then not training for it. OK. Maybe I’ll be back before we go to the mountains. Inshallah…


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