Life is a Carnival

I’ve written a lot lately, mostly not online.  It is hard work.  I would rather be dancing.  I am excavating.  Blogging, mine and others, has helped me to see who and what I can be/am.

I keep struggling to be open, to understand, to grow, to learn.  The ongoing lesson is to keep going.  I mean the choice is simple,  I can die or I can go on.   Ok, I’ve got my reasons to go on.  So now I’ve got a second choice, how to go on?  I go on asking.  I ask God because I trust no one.  I ask others because I want more ways to look at things, more information.  I ask myself, because I am.

I listen.  That means I quit talking, even to myself, and I listen.  I listen to the emptiness.  I listen to mySelf, the inner voice.  I listen to my loved ones because they’re talking to me and I love them.  They are also a part of God speaking to me.

I let it in.  I let myself be.  I let myself be full, always looking for the good, the Divine, the highest good.  So I can embrace this kaleidoscopic life and keep going.  “two bits a shot”  The Band’s song Life is a Carnival cheers me on.  I love to sing along.


One response to “Life is a Carnival

  1. Listening is so good. It’s so difficult sometimes to quit doingdoingdoing and just be still and listen. Yay you for that!

    BTW, thank you so much for your comment on my post — I’m incredibly touched. 🙂

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