YAY America!

Last night my eldest called to tell me she had some “good news”, just as I finished listening to John McCain’s gracious concession speech.  It really was gracious.  He is a good loser.  It’s as though he took the part of buffoon to counter the beautiful audacity of Obama’s candidacy.

Our giddy analysis of the early results was interrupted by Ezzy’s phone call.  She’d gotten off work early because the pizza restaurant had run out of pizza and reported strangers were high fiving each other as she cheerily walked down the street to meet friends and celebrate.

I know this euphoria won’t last.  But reading Barack’s response to McCain’s phone call —  “I need your help,” Obama told his rival, according to an Obama adviser, Robert Gibbs.  “You’re a leader on so many important issues.” — is heartening.

As Joy said, “This is like the best Christmas ever!”


One response to “Morning

  1. Yay America, indeed! As you said, commenting on one of my posts, “Let the healing begin.”

    I am so full of hope today, just so full of hope.

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