YAY 2009!!!

Whoa!  What a challenge.  See Nicole’s beginning meme for 2009! Thank you, Nicole for prompting me to make good on one my “Changes made in 2008”.  Here are her instructions and my version of fulfilling them.

Directions: Copy and paste these directions and place them at the beginning of your post. Fill in the categories with your own answers. Tag three other people at the end of your post to complete this meme. Don’t forget to link back to the person who tagged you!

Three joyful things that happened to you in 2008:

1. Joy greeted her sister and I with delightful foodstuffs when we came down from Half Dome.
2. Being cared for by strangers when I lost my purse.
3. Attended Living in Grace at Asilomar.

Three things you learned in 2008:

1. To ask more questions as a way to be responsible.
2. I don’t have to do it all, just keep moving.
3. To shoulder shimmy.

Three things that made you laugh in 2008:

1. Stephen Colbert, God bless him.

2. Dancing in front of a mirror


Three things that made you cry in 2008:

1. Barack Obama

2. Wanting to make other people happy.

3. Forgiving myself

Three things that made you smile in 2008:

2. Learning & performing at the All Souls Hafla
3. Orienting new volunteers at the Botanical Garden

Three things you will never forget about 2008:

1. Barack Obama won the presidency
2. The economy revealing our hubris and greatness
3. My brother’s divorce bringing me closer to his family

Three of your nicest memories from 2008:

1. The first apricot off the new tree.

2. Clowning & posing with Ezzy & Buster & mi esposo at Lands End

3. Watching the sunsets from the end of our driveways with the neighbors

Three changes you made in 2008:

1. redefined guilt as an unaffordable luxury
2. taking more initiative to express my feelings and thoughts
3. Trusting myself and God more consciously

Three accomplishments you achieved in 2008:

1. Climbed Half Dome

looking over the ledge on Half Dome

looking over the ledge on Half Dome

2. Submitted Practical Treatise to Peace Theological Seminary
3. Made new friends

Three things you are looking forward to in 2009:

1. Planting cherry and almond trees.
2. Painting and dancing more.
3. Attending my son’s graduation with a masters in math!

I’m specifically tagging: Joy (Joy’s Division), Lori & Rachel (DNA Diaries) and the Fuzzies (Animal House). But also anyone who’d like to play.


5 responses to “YAY 2009!!!

  1. I had no idea you climbed Half Dome. Wow. Impressed. Was it exhilarating?

    Like this one: “Redefine guilt as an unaffordable luxury.” That is going to stick with me, thank you.

  2. I am so glad Nic. picked you.

    You deserve to be recognized.

  3. It was exhilarating and gorgeous at the top of Half Dome. By the time I got back down I was exhausted. After a shower I was giddy. Now I’ve got a 65 y.o. friend trying to get me to climb Mt. Whitney with her this year. I don’t know…

  4. How long did it take you to get to the top? Do you have pictures?

  5. I think it took 7 hours to get up there. Stayed about an hour and got back to camp at 9:00pm. It was June and we were at the tram station at dusk. I added a picture Ezzy took of me gazing down into the valley. I look too goofy in most of the pictures, but they do tell the story. It really was fabulous.

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