Waking dreams, hmmmm… Nicole made a lovely post about naming daughters that reminds me of my own naming dilemma before Joy was born.

I remember being in a car, in the dark, following the curve downhill and over the railroad tracks and thinking Gretl would be a good name.  Thinking it was strange that I never liked the name Gretl before.  And in the song For Emily Whenever I May Find Her, I changed the smoky burgundy to crinkly lavendar, as I walked on…

Waking up this morning I saw an unending trail of ultra violet breadcrumbs.


2 responses to “breadcrumbs

  1. I am soooooooo amazed at your blogs! I went back to the very first one … Adoption Animal House … just couldn’t stop reading. Sooooooo honest, so real …. I can’t find a way to email you … please do contact me.
    Celeste ….

  2. Hi Celeste,
    I think you may have me mixed up. I’m not the Fuzzy Rat Mother of Adoption Animal House. I’ve previously blogged as Being Me. And I will email you.

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