At Last…

Well a little bow to Beyonce.   And a shout out to reunion.

Reunion is about lost loving coming along– at last.  Lonely days may or may not be over.

Whether life is like a song is a recurring question no matter who or what we are.  Are we singing?  Which direction are we facing?  My heart is wrapped in clover when I look on my daughter’s face.  That’s what keeps this reunion going.  With all the wounds and blocks we’ve had to uncover and may yet have to be faced, what’s special is something indescribable awakening inside.  It’s us.
It’s not a dream.  We are able to speak to each other.  The harshest aspects of our relationship pull me out of my lesser selfishness  exposing my weaknesses, pointing out the next place to focus my loving, the next place for me to attend and learn.  We’re growing up.  UP.
It is thrilling.  And it’s thrilling to be in the midst of this transition of power with the attendant excitement in the air.  Obama’s words and countenance are calling us all to step forward in greater ways, to express our greater selves, the selves we have to bring to reunion.

The good is always with us, as is the pitiful and poor and lonely.  I fondly recall Roseanne Rosannadanna helping me realize if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.
Oh yeah when you smile, you smile

And here we are in heaven

For we are
At Last

I celebrated the inauguration while gardening with other volunteers as I do most Tuesday mornings.  There was a buoyancy in the atmosphere, working together, at our version of the neighborhood ball.

In case you haven’t seen your fill of inauguration pictures.  Here is a nice selection.


2 responses to “At Last…

  1. I still can’t believe we did it, it still makes me cry happy tears.

    We did it.



  2. What a beautiful post, joined by an amazing song and video. 🙂

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