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Ezzy and I were talking about Joy a lot the past few days as I was visiting both of them.  One thing I’ve learned about both Ezzy and her father is not to press, not to ask too much that could be construed as a demand.  They are great trainers that way, training me to sit in my own experience, speak from my own experience.  I’m learning to rely on my perceptions and express what’s going on with me.  They’ll contribute more when I demand less and just make an opening for them.

I shared that I didn’t really know what Ezzy thought when she learned I had given my first baby away.  I had worried that she would be afraid that I was unreliable as a mother.  She was 5 when I first told her.  At 24, she remembered being interested in having more family and that having a sister with a baby was a two fer!  I missed that at the time, because I was so freaked out about my fears and worries that I wasn’t paying real attention to real people.

A sweet highlight of our recent visit was having dinner at the restaurant Ezzy works at and introducing Joy as her sister.  Such a simple casual thing.  The food and the people were good.


Freedom of Information Day

This is the first time I’ve celebrated Freedom of Information Day! Whoo Hooot!flagwave2

I wrote to both my legislators, the Honorable Abel Maldonado and my Assemblymember.

I told them I hope they’re going to attend the annual convention for state legislators held in Philadelphia this year because they will have the outstanding opportunity to visit the Adoptee Rights booth inside the convention center and learn how and why they too can work towards reversing sealed birth certificate laws!

Adoptees must be treated as equal citizens under the law.

Free Energy

Someone very close to me was apologizing for fucking up my life last night.  AS IF!?!  As if my life is fucked up?  Wow, way to start out with the insults. Is there such a thing as a back handed apology?

Possible retorts have been whizzing through my head ever since.  Smart ass to covetous to philosophically sophisticated to why o why o why…

I don’t want any apologies.  I don’t like apologies.   No thank you.  But now insults, they have an extra kick of energy to get me out of bed in the morning and up and attemboy.  That’s something I can use.  Now all I need is good solid direction.  It can’t hurt to clean the house and invite people over.  Have a great weekend!

Fun with Legislation

As previously discussed, Assemblymember Fiona Ma has introduced an ammendment to the CA Health and Safety Code.  Legalese is not my first, nor even my second language.  So wading through the related code and the bill was an unpleasant experience.  Please let me know your thoughts and ideas.
I am thrilled that it’s bringing the subject of open records to the table.  Open records are coming!  Yesterday a (foggy) natural mother told me she didn’t even know they weren’t open yet!  It’s all about awareness.  More people need to know.  The part in red is newly introduced in AB 372, introducing availability of Original Birth Certificates to adopted adults.   I’m not positive it even needs to be added. If it is necessary, I suggest crossing out the word court and replacing it with the county recorder’s office or some such.

102704. A copy of the original record of birth shall be made available to a person who is the subject of that record if all of the following criteria are met:

(a) The person is at least 18 years of age.

(b) The person was adopted.

(c) The person submits to the court county office of vital records or the state health department, a written request for a copy of his or her original record of birth. The request shall be signed by the person and notarized

We may really need to leave (b) in, even though it seems unnecessary to me.  We don’t need to involve the court system in adoptee records of birth anymore than we do in other people’s record of birth.  The way you play this game is cross out the words you want to get rid of and put your new preferred words in italics.  I got my fresh sample by googling CA Health & Safety Code.

Now onto the existing code.  It needs some ammending too.  It’s in green.  Most of the existing code is about an unknown number of documents of unknown privacy provisions that I think should be set aside until we get this record of birth established.  So I left most of it alone for now.

102705. All records and information specified in this article, other than the newly issued birth certificate and the original record of birth, shall be available only upon the order of the superior court of the county of residence of the adopted child or the superior court of the county granting the order of adoption. No such order shall be granted by the superior court unless a verified petition setting forth facts showing the necessity of the order has been presented to the court and good and compelling cause is shown for the granting of the order. The clerk of the superior court shall send a copy of the petition to the State Department of Social Services and the department shall send a copy of all records and information it has concerning the adopted person with the name and address of the natural parents removed to the court. The court must review these records before making an order and the order should so state. If the petition is by or on behalf of an adopted child who has attained majority, these facts shall be given great weight, but the granting of any petition is solely within the sound discretion of the court. The name and address of the natural parents shall be given to the petitioner only if he or she can demonstrate that the name and address, or either of them, are necessary to assist him or her in establishing a legal right.

Baby steps.  We need to focus on unrestricted access for ALL adults to their own records of birth.  One thing at a time, no exceptions.

Let me know what you think.

Who me?

Until I heard that Assemblymember Fiona Ma had introduced AB 372, I was content to let others handle the legal aspects of open records.  My previous political involvement has been limited to jumping around with signs supporting my favorite county supervisor and signing online petitions occasionally.  But open records for adult adoptees is such a simple concept.  To have it introduced in a ball of convoluted bureaucracy is disturbing.

I walked myself into my assemblymember’s local office and met the nice young intern.  He presented his master’s thesis last night and will be a June graduate in Political Science.  The idea of taking a political science class is not one I ever entertained.

I had arrived prepared with a letter to be delivered to my assemblymember.  That is such a weird word, assemblymember.  I picked up a flow chart illustrating how a bill becomes law and also received a booklet, The Legislative Process: A Citizen’s Guide to Participation.  I am full on ready to be a participant, starting with delivering the letter, asking my legislatior for his support.

His aid and I are different in most ways.  We’re both white.  And we both live in the same town.  And we’re both polite.  I’ll keep looking for more to build this relationship on.