Who me?

Until I heard that Assemblymember Fiona Ma had introduced AB 372, I was content to let others handle the legal aspects of open records.  My previous political involvement has been limited to jumping around with signs supporting my favorite county supervisor and signing online petitions occasionally.  But open records for adult adoptees is such a simple concept.  To have it introduced in a ball of convoluted bureaucracy is disturbing.

I walked myself into my assemblymember’s local office and met the nice young intern.  He presented his master’s thesis last night and will be a June graduate in Political Science.  The idea of taking a political science class is not one I ever entertained.

I had arrived prepared with a letter to be delivered to my assemblymember.  That is such a weird word, assemblymember.  I picked up a flow chart illustrating how a bill becomes law and also received a booklet, The Legislative Process: A Citizen’s Guide to Participation.  I am full on ready to be a participant, starting with delivering the letter, asking my legislatior for his support.

His aid and I are different in most ways.  We’re both white.  And we both live in the same town.  And we’re both polite.  I’ll keep looking for more to build this relationship on.


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