Free Energy

Someone very close to me was apologizing for fucking up my life last night.  AS IF!?!  As if my life is fucked up?  Wow, way to start out with the insults. Is there such a thing as a back handed apology?

Possible retorts have been whizzing through my head ever since.  Smart ass to covetous to philosophically sophisticated to why o why o why…

I don’t want any apologies.  I don’t like apologies.   No thank you.  But now insults, they have an extra kick of energy to get me out of bed in the morning and up and attemboy.  That’s something I can use.  Now all I need is good solid direction.  It can’t hurt to clean the house and invite people over.  Have a great weekend!


One response to “Free Energy

  1. Super page: i will definitely come back again.

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