Big Bang Theory

I feel like I’m getting ready to say goodbye.  Most likely it’s just a transition approaching.  I was thinking of starting at the beginning and the Do re mi song from The Sound of Music played “a very good place to start” in my head.  But then where is the beginning?  The beginning of creation?  How did the great mystery start? So many explanations tire me.  And I recalled a favorite upliftment technique, listening to Paul Thorn’s Mission Temple Fireworks.  I’d like to spread some fun around.

One beginning was my first blog post as Being Me at 3:51 PM on Aug 13, 2006. One beginning was when Joy was placed on my belly for a moment right after her birth.  Or do I start with how her father and I got together?  Or with how I came to be receptive to her father’s attentions?  Or how I came to be born and my own family or origin…  The Big Bang Theory leads me to the big bang of the start of our reunion.


I need to listen to that song again.


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