Monthly Archives: December 2009

Seasons of Peace

Catching up with my daughter’s recent posts, I was struck by John Lennon references (ie. “War is over, if you want it…) and another song came to me.  But I can’t find the version I learned as a kid, from the Mickey Mouse Club.

Hey there, hi there, ho there, you’re as welcome as can be ~Come along and sing our song and join our company…

I don’t believe in fighting for peace or defending myself for peace.  Peace is my natural state; as a child of a benevolent Creator.

Peace is  eternal. Peace is God, Spirit, the One, whatever we want to call it. It is bigger than our minds can grasp. It just is.

When I don’t have peace, if I stop whatever I have been doing; peace usually  starts showing up.

It begins when I stop and choose toward peace.  Worrying about solving the world’s problems or issues doesn’t make peace. Resisting misery doesn’t make peace. I find my own peace by being aware of the peace that is present, in loving what is present.

The opportunity to be in peace is in every moment, in every choice. You come into peace first with yourself and then by sharing peace with others. I join you in claiming our spiritual heritage of peace and loving. ~ You can be at peace with yourself and still let other people know that they are hurting you. You can say, “Hey that hurts!” and remain at peace with yourself. ~ You take authority over what’s going on with you by acknowledging it. ~ If your authority is that of peace, you bring peace into the situation. – John-Roger (From: Loving Each Day for Peacemakers, Choosing Peace Every Day)

I want to  have peace in my family, starting inside me, with my husband and my children. Most of the time I’m pretty good at it.   I’m getting better at listening, observing my feelings when they start to react and letting go of them. Just watching makes such a difference.  Going back and tracking where they started to shoot off; what is it that upset me? Using my mind to take another look at it from another’s perspective, remembering they’re out to take care of themselves. That’s their job.

If you want to know whether you are expressing peace, it’s really simple. ~ When you accept someone who is different, peace is present. ~ When you move past your emotions and judgments into understanding and empathy, peace is being expressed. ~When you are loving, peace reigns. – John-Roger (From: Loving Each Day for Peacemakers, Choosing Peace Every Day)

Yep, it’s Christmas again. A season of joy and hope tested by the pulls and tugs of idealized illusions of what it’s supposed to be.  I’m going to be seeing all my kids and their significant others! I wish we could all meet together. I am thankful that Joy is coming to town!

I wish we could create, allow and promote peace until it becomes contagious, all together.

We’ll start where we are right now, with what we have right now, and keep moving towards peace.