This is a place for me to try my voice, to explore myself through expressing my thoughts and feelings. The single most impactful event in my life was the birth and separation from my firstborn, experiencing abandonment from both sides.  As a mother I was abandoned by the world I knew and in turn I abandoned my daughter to “adoption”.  Over three decades later my daughter and I  are working our reunion.  The process of accepting and acknowledging who and what I am so that I can go forward and be more whole and purposeful is what’s going on here.


One response to “About

  1. http://www.adoptuskids.org

    The Heart Gallery is a wonderful organization.
    This is the link to share with those who would like to adopt. These are kids that REALLY need homes and someone to care about them.

    I know two guys (who have been partners for years) that adopted a beautiful infant girl. They are very wealthy. They also dumped a young dog that “they had to have” on a grandmother.

    I am not comparing the child to a dog but I wonder if that child’s mother has any idea where she is now? This is not about two guys, it is about flakey people hetero or not. My opinion.

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